SS Harju Events

The hugely popular Harju city Special Stage in the centre of Jyväskylä offers lots of entertainment. To view a map of the Harju area, please click the file on the bottom of the page.

All the side events are free of charge with tickets/passes that entitle to SS entrance. Please note that the times of the events are approximate. Please also note that security checks performed at entrances might take some time, so please reserve some additional time for the entry. Also according to the Finnish legislation it is forbidden to bring to event any kind of weaponry, ammunition, explosives, opened liquid container, alcohol, drugs etc. Due to the spectator safety bicycles and animals are not allowed in Harju area. 

SS 1 Harju 1, Thu 26 July

18:15 Rally Hall of Fame Show Run
Simo Lampinen, Markku Alén, Roger Andersson
18:20 The Rally Hall of Fame nominated in fronf of the audience
Simo Lampinen, Markku Alén, Roger Andersson (the son of Ove Andersson)
18:30 Midnight Hawks Air Show Display
Jyväskylä ​Paviljonki & Harju area
19:00 Midnight Hawks Flypast
19:00 SS 1: Harju 1, first car

SS 11 Harju 2, Fri 27 July

19:15 Rally Hall of Fame Show Run
Roger Andersson ja Jari Latvala
19:50 Red Bull Skydive Team
Marco Waltenspiel, Marco Furst, Max Manov ja Felix Seifert​
20:00 SS 11: Harju 2, first car                                                                                   

Due to change.


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