Experience the amazing new Neste Rally Finland hospitality packages

The official VIP events let you enjoy the rally in first class settings and from the best viewing areas – either in the city or out in the forest. To find out more, please click to the video and brochure at the bottom of the page!

We offer VIP packages on three different days of the rally week: the Harju city special stage on both Thursday 26.7. and Friday 27.7. as well as the forest stages of Moksi on Friday 27.7. and Tuohikotanen on Saturday 28.7. 

A brand-new hospitality experience for this year is the “Rally Insider”, which takes the VIP guest on a unique all-day WRC excursion with expert hosts, the best viewing areas out on the special stages, service park visits and all-inclusive catering with drinks included. 

The sales and marketing of the official Neste Rally Finland hospitality packages is carried out in partnership with Starsquad Oy

All the hospitality events include:

» VIP tents with flooring
» Custom made menu; Vanajanlinna Catering
» 2 pcs drink coupon / guest and alcohol-free beverages
» Stylish Hospitality Area with bar or terrace
» On-line results service
» Great view of the Special Stage
» Hospitality personnel and presenter to look after guests
» Exclusive sanitation facilities
» Admission to Service Park Paviljonki, with special access to hospitality guests’ own Lounge

Hospitality packages and prices:

City Special Stage: Harju - 269 € / 249 €
Forest Stages: Moksi & Tuohikotanen - 169 €
Rally Insider: A perfect rally excursion through an insider’s eyes - 650 €
VIP Services: We will be happy to tell you about our selection of tailored services, which include e.g. action-packed rally rides, VIP transport to Special Stages by car or helicopter or guided tours to the Service Park and Rally HQ with rally professionals.

  Helicopter Flight ( SS Moksi ) : 350 € / passenger / one way  ( + 10% VAT )
  Rally Ride: 320 € / person

Prices ( except helicopter flight ) will be added + 24% VAT

Sales / Starsquad Oy, Tel.: +358 9 4247 1100, Email: [email protected]


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