General Information

Kisakatsojan aakkosista otat Suomen MM-rallin keskeiset käsitteet haltuun kirjain kirjaimelta. Tapahtuman virallisista viestintäkanavista pääset käsiksi lisätietoihin.


As the governing body for world motor sport, the FIA is responsible for the rules and regulations of the World Rally Championship. Most of the WRC rallies follow a similar schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday are reserved for recce, shakedown takes place on Thursday and the competition itself is driven mainly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


The Official List of Entries includes 14 brand-new and powerful 2017-specification World Rally Cars making their first appearance on the gravel roads of Central Finland. There are more new WRC’s entered in this year’s Rally Finland than in any other rally so far this season. The total number of entries is 65, of which as many as 43 are four-wheel drives.

Rally HQ and Service Park

Jyväskylä Paviljonki is full of action and entertainment during the rally weekend. In addition to admiring cutting edge equipment, one can get close to the star drivers and watch professional rally teams at work. In the Paviljonki area various activities and presentations, as well as a selection of restaurants offer entertainment and enjoyment to the whole family.

The Official Programme

Neste Rally Finland's Official Programme provides readers an entertaining information package which contains itinerary and access instructions, competitor and event introductions as well as lots of other interesting thematic content. It is produced by Tuulilasi magazine's specialist team, including motorsport pros like Mikko Hirvonen, and available in Neste service stations and well-supplied news stands throughout the country.

You can also buy the Programme at Neste Rally Finland's official box office, located in Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra in Jyväskylä (Hannikaisenkatu 35). The cost of the Official Programme is EUR 10.


One of the most popular side events of Neste Rally Finland, the “Vetomies” rally, will be run again this summer, as per tradition. This event is a national F-Cup rally, and open for both national and international competitors. 

There are actually two classes in the Vetomies competition: “Nelivetomies”, where competitors drive four-wheel drive cars, and the original “Vetomies” category with two-wheel-drive cars. All the cars comply with Finnish national regulations, so they can’t be seen on the start line of a World Rally Championship competition. The majority of the cars entered in competition are Group F rear-wheel drives, so there will be some pretty impressive driving action out on the stages, guaranteed! 


Neste Rally Finland will not jeopardise the safety of the spectators – hope you won’t either! Please keep in mind, that the rally road will be closed for foot traffic one hour before the start of the special stage, and that following the rally and crossing the road are permitted only in marked places. Please also make sure that your vehicle is parked according to the instructions, and remember to watch out for the stones sent flying by the rally cars.


Neste Rally Finland is strongly committed to the FIA Institute's Sustainability Programme. The programme supports and encourages motor sport stakeholders worldwide to take the environment into consideration, and an essential part of this is the three-level environmental accreditation. Neste Rally Finland has already reached the second highest level, i.e. ‘Progress Towards Excellence’. Our goal is to reach the highest level, ‘Achievement of Excellence’, under the 2017 season. 

Gear up

Guarantee your unforgettable rally memories by gearing up properly in advance! Making sure you have weather appropriate clothing and other necessary equipment – from mosquito spray to prescription drugs and enough cash to purchase some rally snacks – guarantees the best possible starting point, and you can dive into the world rally atmosphere without worries.


Bringing your own food and drinks to the special stages – perfectly fine, but please keep in mind that according to the Finnish Rescue Law, campfires or other open fires may not be lit without permission

from the landowner. That also includes the use of disposable BBQs. All fires are strictly forbidden when there is a forest fire warning. In the worst case, making a fire or barbequing without permission might lead to a special stage being stopped.


The restaurants and cafes located in the Neste Rally Finland Rally HQ, Jyväskylä Paviljonki, cater for the rally-goers and offer everything from hot meals to light snacks. 

Fazer's fun and easygoing cafeteria at the Paviljonki Service Park serves street food and sweat treats. In addition, Fazer Food Truck offers tasty rally menu at the SS Harju, SS Saalahti and SS Oittila.  

The Official Merchandise

Official Neste Rally Finland Merchandise are available during the event at the Rally Shops, located in the Jyväskylä Paviljonki and at the special stages. From the rally organiser's AKK online store,, you can purchase the merchandise and get them delivered conveniently straight to your address.