Official Merchandise

Official Neste Rally Finland Merchandise are available during the event at the Rally Shops, located in the Jyväskylä Paviljonki and at the special stages.

From the rally organiser's AKK online store,, you can purchase the merchandise and get them delivered conveniently straight to your address.

­The “Life Happens. Rally Helps.” campaign's goodwill merchandise

The “Life Happens. Rally Helps.” a joint project of Neste and Neste Rally Finland organiser AKK. The campaign also supports the Finnish road safety work: 5 € of the sale of each official Neste Rally Finland slogan T-shirt will be donated for AKK’s “Turvassa Tiellä” road safety programme. Printed on the T-shirts are the most legendary WRC driver quotes. The T-shirts are available in the Neste Rally Finland web shop at, selected Neste service stations as well as the Paviljonki Rally HQ during the event.

Rally Shops at the special stages:

Testi-EK Vesala
SS 1 & 2 Harju
SS 2 & 7 Moksi
SS 5 & 10 Äänekoski
SS 14 & 17 Kakaristo
SS 15 & 16 Tuohikotanen
SS 21 & 23 Ruuhimäki

The Official Neste Rally Finland Merchandise are produced and marketed by High Peak Ltd.