The hit song by Teflon Brothers is the theme song of Rally Finland

22.6.2017 10:00The song “Sit Mennää” by the Finnish band Teflon Brothers is a cool summer hit of 2017 and the theme song of Neste Rally Finland.

It’s a remake of the popular Finnish classic “Bensaa suonissa” by Rauli Badding Somerjoki, and can be found on the Teflon Brothers’ album “Circus” released 12 May. It is also the first Finnish record to reach double platinum, handsomely, before its release. 

Teflon Brothers will have a strong presence at Rally Finland adding to the rally hype. “Sit Mennää” will most definitely be heard in Neste Rally Finland, also live, when the band performs at a bar on Yliopistonkatu near the Harju special stage on Thursday 27 July at approximately 21:00 onwards. Free entry to the licenced restaurant for everyone of legal age with a Rally Pass or a Harju special stage ticket. You can also enjoy the gig in close vicinity of the fenced restaurant area.

Come and enjoy the real rally vibes!

>> Listen "Sit Mennää" on Spotify

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