SS Organisers

Participating clubs in rally organisation:

Hankasalmen UA
Shakedown Vesala
SS Manager: Topi Saarelainen
AKK Sports Oy
SS 1/11 Harju
SS Manager: Jussi Perälä
SS 2/7 Moksi
SS Manager: Mika Manninen
SS Coordinator: Alpo Kukkonen
SS 14/17 Kakaristo
SS Manager: Ari-Pekka Haikala
Keuruun UA
SS 3/8 Urria
SS Manager: Jorma Valkeejärvi
Saarijärven UA
SS 4/9 Ässämäki
SS Manager: Pasi Rutanen
Äänekosken UA
SS 5/10 Äänekoski
SS Manager: Erja Pentinpuro
Toivakka AUK/JouSUA
SS 6 Oittila
SS Manager: Topi Saarelainen
Päijälän kyläyhdistys
SS 12/18 Päijälä
SS Manager: Oskari Röman
Tullan UA
SS 13/19 Pihlajakoski
SS Manager: Pekka Valkonen
Korpilahden UA/MK
SS 15/16 Tuohikotanen
SS Manager: Katja Oksanen
Konneveden MK/UA
SS 20/22 Laukaa
SS Manager: Terho Lehtonotko
AL Kangasniemi
SS 21/23 Ruuhimäki
SS Manager: Niklas Pietarinen

AKK Sports Ltd, the marketing company owned entirely by the governing body of motorsport in Finland, AKK-Motorsport ry, is responsible for the event’s arrangements. Their activities fund AKK-Motorsport and thus increase the opportunities of motorsport hobbyists. Dozens of clubs are also involved in making the rally a reality, and they use the event to raise money for their organisations. Thousands of volunteers are helping the clubs to raise money during the event. They are the officials, marshals, stewards, café-keepers – staff that you meet out on the stages. Kindly keep that in mind and give them a smile!

Did you get interested in joining our company and making Neste Rally Finland happen? Contact [email protected]!