VIP Extras

Tailored activities complete the rally experience.

Want to be a real co-driver?

High-speed rides in full-blooded rally cars with professional drivers - a super popular way to get that real rally feeling!

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Guided tours to Rally HQ

Welcome behind the rally scenes! A tour around Service Park or a visit to Control Centre - with an expert you get to experience more at Rally HQ.

Helicopter ride

Ever dreamed about flying to a special stage with a helicopter? This is your change to a world-class transport!

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Easy access by rally train  

In cooperation with the rail company VR, you can now get to Neste Rally Finland also by an environmentally friendly and carefree rally train. The rally train, complete with a restaurant car, transports rally-goers from Helsinki to Jyväskylä – via Tampere – on both Thursday and Friday. The rally train timetable will be adapted to suit the Harju special stage schedule. Prices and timetables will be published during the spring.

Tell us your wishes and we will put together a rally day to remember for you and your party!

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