Visitors & Responsibility

Visitors & Responsibility

The event organiser AKK Sports and its partners are paying special attention to a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly visitor experience – let's make a responsible event together!

Please do not come to the event if you're sick or if you may be exposed, follow the on-site instructions

The digital motorsport event will be carried out responsibly in accordance with all the restrictions and safety recommendations set by the Finnish government related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This means that for example the number of visitors to the event area will be limited to a total of 1 000. Both the size of the venue and the visitor capacity has been designed so that the public can keep a safe distance of 1-2 meters from each other. The number of visitors will be actively monitored by a measurement scanner at the entrance gate to the area, which counts both people entering and leaving.

Plenty of hand disinfection points are reserved for the area. Simulators for competition and public use of the event will be disinfected on behalf of the organiser after each competitor and visitor.  Face masks will be used at the competition venue (eWRC tent) and by representatives of the event organiser, AKK Sports, who will actively be in contact with visitors. Also the organiser of food and beverage services, as well as other parties in the area, are committed to the careful maintenance of hygiene and providing visitors with a safe experience.

Please do not come to the event if you have any of these corona-related symptoms:

- Fever
- Cough
- Sore throat
- Shortness of breath
- Stomach symptoms
- Muscle pain/headache

Venue instructions – thank you for minding and caring!

- Minimize close near contacts.
- Take care of good hand and coughing hygiene. 
- Avoid touching surfaces when not needed. 
- Don't come to the event if you are sick, exposed or having any exceptional symptoms.
- Follow the current THL face mask recommendations. 

Environmental responsibility together with Neste and L&T

Neste, the title sponsor of Neste Rally Finland eChallenge, wants to be part of making a responsible and innovative event and offer sustainable solutions for the friends of rally. One easy and fast way to decrease your carbon footprint from driving a car is the Neste MY renewable diesel ™ fuel developed by the company.

The event organiser's organisation cars have been refueled with Neste MY renewable diesel, which is a fuel made from waste and residues. By using the product, a driver of a car can result in up to 90% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the fuel’s life cycle when compared with fossil diesel. 

Neste MY renewable diesel is already available from 120 stations in Finland. Read more about renewable diesel, see your nearest station and calculate how much you could reduce emissions from driving a car – click here to learn more about world of Neste.

L&T, the partner responsible for the event's carbon-neutral waste management, is cooperating with AKK Sports to reduce emissions and the environmental load. The footprint from waste management will be measured and emissions will be canceled in future activities. Emissions are also taken into account as part of AKK's annual responsibility reporting. You can read more about L&T's carbon-neutral waste management here.

The FIA's highest environmental rating obliges and encourages

The event organiser AKK Sports and the Finnish National Automobile Sport Federation, AKK-Motorsport have received recognition for their long-term environmental responsibility work from the International Automobile Federation FIA. The three-star environmental certificate is based on several globally recognised criteria, such as the standards of the International Olympic Committee and ISO 14001.

Recognition means continuous high-quality and committed work for the environment, taking into account, among other things, ecological logistics, spent fuels, used electricity, used vehicles, environmentally friendly material procurement, increasing public transport opportunities and organising ecological waste management.

AKK Sports annually co-operates with AFRY/Pöyry Ltd in the framework of the Finnish round of the World Rally Championship to calculate its carbon footprint, based on which the organisation works systematically to reduce its environmental footprint also in its other events.