AKK and Skruvat into Large-Scale Partnership in Finnish Motorsport

3.7.2017 10:47Swedish-based Skruvat have made a significant partnership agreement for the advancement Finnish motorsport. The two-year contract with AKK Sports Ltd covers several different projects within the Finnish motorsport scene, ranging from the Finnish round of the WRC all the way to two Finnish Championship series as well as youth coaching project.

Skruvat, established in 2008 and the largest online retailer of spare parts and accessories for passenger cars in the Nordic Countries, are going to support both Neste Rally Finland, i.e. the Finnish round of the World Rally Championship, as well as the closely linked Future Star competition, the aim of which is to speed up the promising young drivers’ progress towards the international rally elite. Next year, the partnership with AKK will be strengthened within the framework of both the Finnish Rally and Rallycross Championships as well as the AKK Driver Academy for talented young drivers.

“We really look forward to work with AKK Sports in supporting Finnish motorsport across all fields, levels and ages. Skruvat has been supporting motorsport for several years in Sweden and Norway and we are excited to keep the tradition going, this time in Finland. With this partnership we also hope to strenghten our relationship with the Finns and give the opportunity to discover our brand and offering. We currently have one million customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland and we hope for more to come”, says Peter Jakobsson, CEO Skruvat.fi.

“There are approximately 1.5 million Finns interested in motorsport, and about 40% of Finnish men are interested in rally. Our partnership with Skruvat is a prime example of how an international company can see the wide-ranging nature of Finnish motorsport and its ability to reach a wide target group. They will be building brand awareness on the Finnish market in a professional way reaching both motorsport fans and motorists. We believe this will be a very fruitful partnership for the both of us”, says Heli Kemppainen, the Commercial Director of AKK.

Skruvat have previously been involved in motorsport on the Swedish and Norwegian market, in partnership with e.g. Rally Sweden and the WRC driver Henning Solberg. This summer, Skruvat will be introduced to the Finnish rally crowd especially through the World Rally Championship classic, Neste Rally Finland, driven on the gravel roads of Central Finland on 27 - 30 July.