Delays in Neste Rally Finland Rally Pass deliveries

Delays in Neste Rally Finland Rally Pass deliveries

12.7.2019 16:10Dear customer, the delays in the web shop Rally Pass order deliveries have been resolved on July 10th, 2019.

There was an information gap between the Rally Finland web shop operator High Peak Finland Ltd and the Finnish Postal Services that concerned some deliveries of the web shop orders of Neste Rally Finland tickets. This problem was fixed on July 10th, 2019 and at this date also these orders affected by this information gap were mailed to the customers.

All the web shop ticket orders to Neste Rally Finland that have been made before the end of June should arrive to customers within next week – by Friday, June 18th, but if this is not the case we ask our customers to contact directly High Peak Finland Ltd either via email [email protected] or in very urgent cases by phone +358 50 560 6000.

High Peak Finland Ltd and Neste Rally Finland apologize any harm and inconvenience that this delay in deliveries has caused to our customers.


Mika Tolonen                                                        
The Head of Ecommerce                                    
High Peak Finland Ltd