Spectator Information

Spectator Information

Spectator Areas 

Rally professionals have once again chosen the best spectator areas, where you can safely enjoy the rally, atmosphere and the services on offer. Trust the  professionals. There are always parking areas and services right next to the official spectator areas. Instead of lukewarm drinks from your backpack, why not enjoy snacks and refreshments from a café set up by the local village school for example – and at the same time support a good cause. 


By heading out to an official spectator area, you don’t have to figure out yourself the safe places for watching the rally. In the spectator areas, safety is ensured  by professionals. The FIA and local authorities require that the rally organisers have a strong know-how about safety issues, and there are hundreds of marshals and stewards out on the stages. They all have a personal responsibility for the spectators’ safety and always have the latest information about what’s happening. That’s why everyone must follow their instructions and commands. 

Private property

Some areas along the special stages are private properties and the landowner has not given permission to enter them. You can avoid embarrassing  situations by keeping on the marked, official spectator areas, which  been designated for the public’s use. By trespassing on un-authorised areas, you will do a disservice for the entire sport.

Exceptional arrangements 

Some roads in the rally area have to be closed to ensure smooth control of the spectator and competitor flows, and that’s why a route that looks straightforward on your own map, might in fact turn out to be out of use. By choosing your viewing spot based on the spectator areas specified in Neste Rally Finland's Official Programme, produced with the Mediahouse Keskisuomalainen, you make sure you’ll get the best seats “in the house”.

Enjoy in a sensible way

Make sure that everyone in you group understands how challenging the security marshals’ work is and how important it is to follow their instructions. It will be frustrating for everybody, if a special stage has to be cancelled because one person didn’t care to listen. That has happened in the past, and will inevitably happen again, if there is an issue with safety, due to someone being in a forbidden area for example. In a case like that, there will be no refunds on tickets – and the rally experience is ruined for hundreds, if not thousands of rally fans, all because of one fool.

Many people make the rally 

Neste Rally Finland is organised by AKK Sports Ltd, but there are also dozens of (sports) clubs, who by working in the event raise funds for their club activities. They are the officials, marshals, stewards, café-keepers – staff that you meet out on the stages. Kindly keep that in mind and give them a smile!