VIP Forest Äänekoski

Get that rally feeling in the heart of the Äänekoski countryside.

The Äänekoski special stage keeps the drivers’ heart pounding for the duration of the 7.76 kilometres. VIP guests get to experience all the thrill and speed in beautiful Finnish countryside scenery surrounded by fields and with a clear view of the special stage for hundreds of metres.

VIP Forest Äänekoski includes:
- Entrance to the special stage
- Custom-made menu by Food Camp Finland Ltd
- 2 drink coupons / guest
- Stylish VIP area with bar and terrace
- Great view of the special stage
- Online result service  
- VIP personnel and a presenter to look after the guests
- Exclusive sanitation facilities
- Admission to the Paviljonki Service Park, with special access to our Flying Finn VIP Lounge
- The VIP Forest tickets include bus transport from Jyväskylä


Hot dog bar
Waldorf salad
Summer cabbage salad
Summer veggie salad and sherry vinaigrette
Goat cheese salad
Asparagus salad
BBQ Pork

VIP Forest Äänekoski

Friday 2 August at 11:00 - 15:00
SS6 at 12:39 (First car to the special stage)

PRICE 199 €/person (+vat 24%).
Bus transport from Jyväskylä included in the price.


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