VIP Forest Leustu

A relaxed day in the Leustu countryside.

A fantastic new hospitality area, where you get to see two passes for the prize of one. Cars emerge from the middle of fields uphill towards a spectacular junction area with the terrain and the character of the road changing in an interesting way. The viewing area gives you a chance to experience the speed of rally cars extremely close to the actual special stage.

VIP Forest Leustu includes:
- Entrance to the special stage
- Custom-made menu by Food Camp Finland Ltd
- 2 drink coupons / guest
- Stylish VIP area with bar and terrace
- Great view of the special stage
- Online result service  
- VIP personnel and a presenter to look after the guests
- Exclusive sanitation facilities
- Admission to the Paviljonki Service Park, with special access to our Flying Finn VIP Lounge
- The VIP Forest tickets include bus transport from Jyväskylä

Burgerbar services all day. Not included VIP-pass.


Sausage bar: Pork, lamb and chicken sausages
Potato salad
Green salad and Dijon vinaigrette
Mozzarella salad
Caesar salad
Whole pig

VIP Forest Leustu

Saturday 3 August at 10:00 - 20:00 (lunch service from 10:30 to 12:30 and dinner service from 17:00 to 19:00)
SS15 at 11:34 * and SS19 at 18:34 (First car to the special stage.)

Price 199 €/person (+VAT 24 %).
Bus transport from Jyväskylä included in the price.


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