Flying Finn Lounge

Flying Finn Lounge caters VIP guests in the heart of the Jyväskylä Paviljonki Service Park.

Welcome to relax in our special hospitality unit, the Flying Finn Lounge. Free entry throughout the event with all the official Neste Rally Finland VIP passes. Bar is open also at the terrace - step in and enjoy the rally atmosphere as its best.

May we serve you with something really tasty? Feel free to pick your favorites and pre-order from the list:

Small salty and sweet bites with coffee or sparkling wine

-Macarons 4,50 € / person
-Almond pastry 6 € / person
-Coffee 3,50 € / person
-Strawberries and whipped cream 6 € / person
-Berry- or fruit smoothie 5 € / person
-Open sandwich with meat-, fish- or vegetable topping 9 € / person (one option for the party)
-Quiche Lorraine 9 € / person
-Salty snacks 9 € / person (for example toast skagen)


Salad buffet 28 € /person
Options: Warm smoked salmon and aspargus salad / Tomato-mozzarella salad / Chicken caesar / Rustic bread with butter

Rally buffet (Salty pastry and salad) 30 € /person
Options: Quiche Lorraine / Summer potato salad / Goat cheese salad / Beef and horse radish

Buffet with warm dish 35 € /person
Green salad with rhubarb vinaigrette / Country style salad / 48 h braised lamb with grilled cabbage / Rustic bread with butter

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